Sunday, January 22, 2017

I'm Back (After A Few Days)

My apologies for using this cartoon without any permission at all.
Lord knows I'm not making any money off it. 

Yesterday at
Reimagine Records in New Hartford, I had a lovely talk with one of the owners. She runs their blog and I mentioned that her last two entries had been apologies for not writing more regularly. Funny that we worry about such things, but here I am worrying as if there is a longing out there for me to write more. I know sometimes people are happy to see my posts, but it’s no big deal if I haven’t posted in a week or even a few years.  

Still, I come back to posting and it’s a good time to wonder why. There are other things I could do. I owe Jerry a letter and haven’t written to anyone else of late. The laundry tub  drain that needs to be opened up. I should change that faucet too. I’ve a book to get back to (The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson) and two more waiting on the shelf. There’s even a football game on, but I don’t care enough to stop writing. 

There is no shortage of people writing online. After the inauguration, which even the supporters don’t seem to much celebrate, and Saturday’s marches that have me feeling hopeful again there’s plenty of writing on Facebook and Twitter. I’m writing about something not political. What’s the point? 

It’s what I do and want to keep doing. I write because it’s who I am. I post because leaving writing in a folder or on a server isn’t enough. This is what I should be doing. There are things I can say that might amuse, inform, or otherwise engage people. Why not write? 

So where have I been? Well, nowhere really. I’ve been living life, teaching school, raising kids, loving my wife, buying records and going to a concert with my friend, playing badminton at the Y, writing, and reading. I would apologize but you don’t care enough to be offended and I needed the break. 

Now I need to move forward. I picked up momentum at the protest in Syracuse. It felt as though we lost November’s battle but were set to win 2017’s war. It’s the same with writing. For a few days, the well was dry. Now it’s not. The battle and life go on.  

I’m back and hope to write and post again tomorrow. I worry my writing isn’t good enough to post, except the piece about the eggs which I know is good. But the thing to do is to write, post, and write some more if for no other reason than toto figure out what comes next and where to go. I’m intrigued by all the possibilities. 

What are you looking toward?