Monday, June 26, 2017

Two Hours. Whatever.

Just Don't Do It
Runner’s World had a whole article on Nike’s effort to break two-hours for the marathon by messing around with shoes. They’ve put a carbon fiber plate down the length of the shoes to give runners a “downhill sensation.” I can only imagine.
Nothing about this impresses me.
A two-hour marathon? Fine. Whatever. Bannister’s four-minute mile is a good story, but he was a well-rounded person studying medicine and running without corporate sponsorship.
Nike’s involvement makes this a publicity stunt and sales pitch. I couldn’t care less if Nike sells another shoe. I’d prefer they didn’t. I’d also prefer the two-hour marathon be run by someone without a swoosh or other logo. How lovely it would be to have such an event be pure.
Yeah, That's The Stuff
Using a sprung shoe might not be cheating but why not just rollerblade the marathon?
I get that I’m not Runner’s World’s intended audience. I run barefoot or in sandals at whatever pace I feel. I don’t race, don’t train, don’t fuel up with sugary snacks and beverages. If I spend twenty bucks on running gear a year, it’s too much.

Runner’s World readers and sponsors eat this two-hour marathon stuff up. Good for them. I’ll return my copy to the library and go back to reading something else, running my own race, and not giving much of a damn how fast or slow people run marathons. I’ve invested too much time thinking about it already.