Saturday, December 20, 2014


After a run I imagine that I’m famished. I’m not, I just think I am. I’m not even hungry, but I get thinking I should eat. This morning, after a long time away from it, I went for a run of 3.4 miles on the flat roads of our neighborhood. Yesterday I played basketball at school with the students I teach and felt better for all the exercise. Wanting more, I ran this morning.

For breakfast, I have homemade muesli with milk. It’s good and enough to food to get me through the morning. After running, however, I feel as though I need to eat, eat, and then eat. I want a cheeseburger at 9:45 in the morning or a peanut butter and jelly on toast with ground flaxseed sprinkled in between. My brain says, eat! I’m inclined to follow its dictates, but not yet.

Here’s an issue in my life, maybe in yours: I don’t wait. I talk a good game, but I’m likely to just grab whatever whim passes through my brain and devour it. I’m an impetuous fool, don’t you know.

This morning’s run was also brought on by my wife giving me a pair of wool toe-socks. I run in Luna Sandals, but it’s cold here in Syracuse and we get some snow. I have cotton toe-socks, but they’re as cold as bare feet. The wool socks were like slippers and a warm fire only sweatier.

Coming home I almost ordered three more pair. I opened the computer, navigated to the site, and hovered over the order button. I really am impetuous, but I closed the computer. I showered and shaved instead of spending the money.

I still want to eat, but can’t tell if I’m truly hungry, so I’ll wait.

Another reason I went out to run is that I’m heavier than I’d like. This isn’t pure vanity, though vanity plays a role. My overall health hasn’t been good enough. I’ve had a cold, hurt my back twice, and felt sluggish even when I get enough sleep. I’m overeating without tasting or feeling satisfaction.

One run doesn’t change all that. I haven’t drop twenty pounds or stopped my sniffles with 3.4 miles. The body only changes in an instant when injured. Becoming healthy takes time.

I’m not going to eat just now. I might make coffee. I will have seltzer water. I’ll wait at least a day before ordering socks. I’ll try to breathe and count to ten. There’s no hurry. I have lots of time. Being impetuous can wait.