Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good Morning, 2014

Good morning, 2014. It's going to take me a few days to get used to you.

You'll find I'm pretty much the same as I’ve been. You might expect changes with me, resolutions and all. It's the usual thing and I've tried doing them, not doing them, and all the shades in between. This year I've got a couple ideas but mostly I'm going to keep going.

2013 was good. I learned to relax, to be good to myself so I can be good to others, and to stay out of things that aren't good for me. I wrote more than I have in years, especially in the last two months. You'll see me continue these habits and work on other things too.

I'm heavy and slow, so I joined a gym before Christmas rather than wait for calendar to turn. It’s not a New Year's resolution so much as a return to a good habit of exercise I used to have. I could do this without the gym and that would be more logical, but I can play basketball at the gym and I’ve missed that enough that the illogic of spending so much money on gym membership doesn’t matter.

2014, I'm embracing some illogical things this year. Adventure, the stuff I dream of, depends on things other than logic. Love is illogical and I'm investing heavily in love. My 2013 investments in love paid off extraordinarily. You bet your ass I'm continuing that trend.

Not that I'm abandoning logic. I'm just not letting logic be my only guide. Logic says it takes too long to write 2,000 words, but I love typing my way into the morning. Logic says that I have to make money on the writing and right now! I say that I’ll write my way into it. I'll listen to logic, but I'm not swearing an oath to it.

2013 was a year of moving forward. I didn't have a goal that I can state clearly. I wanted to move forward, to not get stuck, to grow and be willing to change. I’m doing those things. I'm better off today than I was 365 days ago because I wanted to move forward. That desire and the work I'm doing are worth continuing because I want more. I've got places to go that I can't even imagine. I feel their gravitational pull.

Last year the Earth orbited the sun and it will go round again this year. But the sun has moved, our orbit is different. We don’t just circle the sun, we spiral through the galaxy and across a universe we have only begun to imagine. 2014 will have the same days numbered on the calendar. I'll live as I did in 2013, in love with my wife and children, intertwined with my family and friends, alone in this basement writing my words. But this is a whole new spiral we are hurtling into and there is new adventure ahead. It’s a happy new year already. No better time than now to write on.