Thursday, July 5, 2012

These Three Things

  1. I took my father to the eye doctor in the first of what will be many times that I return the favors he bestowed on me as a child. 
  2. I investigated what it will to repair a laptop myself rather than buying a new one. 
  3. I have a tiny piece of glass in my foot that I need to treat. 

I took Dad to the doctor. He and Mom will soon be living in Syracuse. He's getting things done on their new house and two days ago mentioned some trouble with his eyes. I got him an appointment, picked him up, and sat with him, then drove him to buy new glasses, got lunch, and ran errands with him.

I should note this on my calendar as the day I began taking my parents to doctors. Here's the thing: it wasn't any bother. I have dreaded this, but the experienced was nothing like the expectation. I understand that today's appointment does not set the trend for others to come, but I was able to be there today and thought of it as a day to spend with Dad. That was good. It felt good in the moment, it feels good now, and I can see where it will be alright the next time.

A thing that doesn't feel as good is discovering that my laptop computer is failing. It's a prototype Google Chromebook and I like it a lot especially when it holds the wi-fi signal. More and more it does that less and less. Last night it lost the signal completely, damn it.

My first thought was to look at how much a new Chromebook costs. A lot. Bummer. I went to bed thinking that I didn't want to spend money on something new when all I need is for the old machine to work.

This morning I found that there is an easy fix. It involves a screwdriver (hey, I've got one of those) and a few minutes time. Tonight, that's my project. I can fix this.

Not so easy to fix is my heel. I'm a barefoot runner and, at least until this summer, have had no problem with stepping on things. This year, I have had three instances of embedding things in my feet. Monday morning I stepped on something with my right heel but couldn't tell if it was a cut or a sliver. It's on the outside edge of my heel. Try looking at that spot carefully. You need to be more limber than I am.

I've put drawing slave on the thing, picked at it with a needle, even looked at it with my kids' microscope. Today, I diagnosed it as a sliver and between the salve, a new position to hold it in as I work, and a bit of effort with the needle, I'll be healed and whole by tomorrow.

Throughout all three of these things I have remained within the bounds of the moment. Dad's problems with his eyes have turned into a chance for us to spend time together. My computer problem has set me up with an adventure and a good challenge. And tending to my foot gives me a good indication that I can heal and recover from mistakes and accidents.

There's a fourth thing, an added bonus if you will. When I started back to writing these essays yesterday, I worried that I would run out of things to say. Once again I see that I simply need to be open to writing and aware in my life. Things flow from there. It's enough just to want to write. That's what it takes to write on.