Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wanting Things

I want a new phone. This is a sign of other things. I get to wanting things when I'm unhappy and feel the need for something new to happen. Not knowing how to fix that leaves me feeling wanting some thing to fill the void. In this case, it's a new phone that is gee-whiz, zap-pow cool!

The phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note. It's a big phone or small tablet that makes phone calls. Take your pick. It fits a niche I've long wondered about. An iPad is too big and doesn't have a keyboard, but my iPhone screen is too small for web browsing or writing. I have experimented with a bluetooth keyboard for the iPhone just to see if I can write that way. It's not bad but not great.

The Galaxy Note would work just dandy. That said, I shouldn't buy one. Not yet anyway. I'm pretty sure that wanting one is just a symptom of something else. And let's face facts: I don't need it. This isn't a question of need. It's all about want.

I'm okay with wanting so long as I don't rush to get it. In this case, I'm giving myself thirty days to think about it. Thirty days of waiting can be a good thing.

See, waiting isn't necessarily the hardest part. Waiting is good. Waiting thirty days allows me to read more about it, go to the store and try it, look for ways to pay for it, consider my desires, and so on. It also gives me the opportunity to fill the hole in my life in other ways.

Prior to writing this, I rewrote several of my poems and sent one off to a magazine. I have two out of four more ready to send. Writing and publishing are pretty good ways to fill my gaps.

Tomorrow, I'll run and see how that feels. I'll get a new book from the library. I'll see my therapist. I'll work with students at school. Then, I'll talk with my wife about it and see where her thoughts are. She's excellent at not buying things and helping me think about what I want and need.

It's not a bad thing to want a phone. It's okay to buy one too, but there is good to be had in waiting, thinking, and trying to fill my life without charging my credit card. I might buy the phone, I might not. The goal is to be happy. I'll have to figure out what will make me feel that way.

One thing surely does help. And that's to write on.